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From webinars to guest articles, blogs and interviews, Benjamin England and the team are committed to working with the press and media to boost substantive conversations about FDA law, regulation, food safety and imports. Below is just a sample of some of our most interesting features and mentions in the press.

“The entire industry advances when we work together; when we think, analyze and strategize towards a goal.”

– Ben England, Founder and CEO of


05.29.2020 – Intrado Global Newswire Donates Time, Skills & Network to Expedite Importation of 50,000 Surgical Masks from China to Baltimore

03.25.2020 – International Trade Today

Importers Face Pitfalls as Demand for Medical Products Explodes During COVID-19 Pandemic


12.10.2019 – The New Food Economy

Most seafood imports flagged for food safety violations never get audited

08.06.2019 – Quick Caller Cargo Directories

Roundup of Developments at the CBP Trade Symposium

07.31.2019 – International Trade Today

FDA Announces Plans Aimed at Importing Cheaper Prescription Drugs

03.14.2019 – Cision PR Newswire

4th Annual CEO Summit Reveals Surprising Natural Industry Issues & Trends


12.26.2018 – Chicago Tribune

Meatless Impossible Burger is a Hit at Restaurants, but you can’t Buy it at Super Markets until it Clears FDA Hurdle

06.01.2018 – Food Chemical News

FDA delays VQIP launch, recognizes Thai third-party program

05.04.2018 – Food Safety Tech

Leveraging FSVP Compliance: Do Less, Get More

04.01.2018 – Update Magazine FDLI

Helping to Stop Death, Destruction, and Diarrhea: FDA’s Tools to Respond to Public Health Emergencies

03.08.2018 – Food Chemical News

Experts worry importers not ready for next FSVP deadline this month

02.16.2018 – Partners with Primority to Ensure FSMA Compliance

01.23.2018 – The New Food Economy

USDA Proposes ‘Modernizing’ Swine Inspections

01.19.2018 – Food Chemical News

Recent FSIS directive Could Spell Trouble for Imported Catfish

01.17.2018 – Under Current News

USDA not Budging on Smoke-Treated Vietnamese Fish

01.16.2018 – Under Current News

US Detains Vietnamese Pangasius Over use of Tasteless Smoke

01.16.2018 – Seafood Guide

The Latest Progress in SIMP Act for U.S. Imported Seafood!(Chinese)


05.18.2017 – Priori Legal, Inc.

New Food Safety Regulatory Enforcement is Here

05.16.2017 – Response Magazine – DRMA

Health and Wellness Products: How the FDA Decides What to Regulate

05.04.2017 – International Trade Today

Confusion Over Coming FSVP Requirments Persists as FDA Looks Set to Take Soft Enforcement Approach

Winter 2017 – ABA Committee Newsletter

When Looks are all that Matter


Nov/Dec 2016 – UPDATE Magazine FDLI

Fighting with KINDness: FDA’s Unhealthy Enforcement of the “Healthy” Nutrient Content Claim Regulation

10.18.2016 – FDA Flash!

A Victory Finally? FDA’s Perseverance in Facteau Pays Off – Some

Sep/Oct 2016 – Food and Drug Law Institute

Issues to Watch: FDA’s Deeming Regulations

Apr/Jun 2016 – MARGMA

FDA Finalizes Guidance on 510(k) Submissions of Sterile Devices

05.26.2016 – Response Magazine

How FDA Almost Stopped the BeActive Brace

04.25.2016 – FDA Flash!

Off-Label Promotion after VSI: “Partial Credit” – Show Me The Steps

02.12.2016 – Inside U.S. Trade

Stakeholders Differ On U.S. Impact Of TPP’s ‘Rapid Response Mechanism’


08.19.2015 – Food and Drug Law Institute

Frustration Boils Over Handling of Cyclospora Outbreak

07.08.2015 – Food and Drug Law Institute

Solving or Compounding the Problem?

04.27.2015 –

FDA Lifts Fresh Swordfish Mercury Import Alert

02.06.2015 – Inside U.S. Trade

President’s Plan for Single Food Safety Agency Faces NGO Criticism


10.07.2014 – Food Engineering Magazine


06.20.2014 – Maryland-China Business Council

The Chinese Food Supply & The Evolution of Product Safety Regimes

05.20.2014 – HKTDC Research

The End of Low Cost Countries: A Global Procurement Challenge

04.29.2014 – Yahoo! Finance

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (OTCBB: DEWM) Announces Rebranding Efforts for Lean Slow Motion Potion

02.26.2014 – Food Packaging Forum

FDA Agrees on New Rules for Food Safety

02.24.2014 – Food Navigator – USA

FDA Agrees to New Deadlines on FSMA Final Rules

01.10.2014 – Food Navigator – USA

FSMA Rule Specifies Ways to Cut Risk of Intentional Food Adulteration


12.19.2013 – Natural Products Insider

Regulatory Concerns When Sourcing Ingredients from China

11.04.2013  Food Safety News

Imports and Exports: Americans Shop the World for Food Every Day of the Week

10.08.2013 – MinnPost

Anti-EPA partisans get their shutdown (almost), but what’s the difference?

10.05.2013 – The Wall Street Journal

Were Food Inspections Really Stopped by the Shutdown?

10.03.2013 – Food Production Daily

Shutdown Affects Imported Canned Foods Inspections


The American Companies Supply Chain Logistics Gazette

No Shutdown Food Safety Effect, says Industry Official

09.19.2013 – The Seattle Times

Bellevue Mom to Tell FDA How Tainted Food Nearly Killed Her

08.09.2013– Food Quality News

US Government Shutdown: Where Do We Go From Here?

08.09.2013 – Inside U.S. Trade

FDA Proposes New Requirements For Importers To Show Food Is Safe

07.31.2013 – Sun Star Davao

Mindanao exporters gab to boost export industry

07.30.2013 – Food Safety News

FDA Releases Two Major Rules to Boost Oversight of Imported Foods

07.29.2013 – Food Navigator USA

Long Road to implementation seen for FDA’s new FSMA rules on food imports, audits

05.30.2013 – Nightly Business Report, CNBC

China Food Supply Debate

05.29.2013 – The Huffington Post

Smithfield-Shuanghui Merger Faces Opposition from Food Safety Advocates

05.27.2013 – The Viyasan Daily Star

Regulatory Compliance is a Must

05.24.2013 – Sun Star Davao

Food Exporters told to comply with US Policies

05.19.2013 – The CITEM Blog

IFEX Philippines Shares Expert Knowledge in Food Industry

05.08.2013 – Asiafruit

FDAImports Expands into South East Asia

03.10.2013 – Supermarket News

Expo West 2013: What’s Next for GMO Labeling?

03.01.2013 – Asian Food Tech

Food Additives In U.S. Law: Introduction & New Developments

2.15.2013 – Food Navigator USA

Make Use of Deadline Extension to Comment on FSMA Rules, Consultant Urges Industry

2.8.2013 – Food Chemical News

FSVP Could Punish More Diligent U.S. Food Importers, England Warns

2.6.2013 – Asia Food Journal Videos Discuss FDA’s FSMA

2.6.2013 – Yahoo News

New FSMA Videos Explore Hidden Impact of HARPC, Standards for Produce Safety

2.5.2013 – Petfood Industry

Consulting Firm Releases New Food Safety Training Videos

2.4.2013 – Food Manufacturing

FDA’s Standards for Produce Safety

1.24.2013 – Food Chemical News

Sanitation Controls, Employee Training Mandate Explored in FSMA Preventive Controls

1.7.2013 – Food Navigator USA

The Wait is Over for new FSMA Rules… But Questions Remain Over Unfunded Mandate

1.2.2013 – Loyola Lawyer

Alumni Profiles: Rick Quinn ’05

1.2.2013 – Asia Food Journal Releases Inographic on FSMA


12.20.2012 – Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Holiday Hypothetical: Santa Ensnared in Food Safety Modernization Act

12.14.2012 – Gourmet News

Santa’s Import Program Would be Hit Hard by FSMA

12.13.2012 – Seafood Source

Two Things FDA Constantly Tests for in Imported Shrimp

12.13.2012– Food Navigator USA

FDA Files Motion to Dismiss Suit, Defends FSMA Implementation Record

12.13.2012 – New Hope 360

Infographic: How the Food Safety Modernization Act Affects Santa

12.4.12 – Food Navigator USA

Foreign Facilities Falling Behind on FSMA, Consultant Says

11.29.2012– Nutraceuticals World

Fixing Labels Before They Become a Problem

11.21.2012 – Food Engineering

Mexican Food Producers and Mannufacturers Trained in US Food Safety Modernization Act

10.16.2012 – Cosmetics Design USA

Labeling Website Launched to Identify Compliance Issues with FDA Cosmetic Regulation

10.19.2012 – Food Manufacturing

Food Label Review Service

10.12.2012 – PharmaBiz

FDAImports Introduces Five New Labelling Websites for Fast and Easy Label Reviews

10.9.2012 – New Hope 360 Launches 5 New Labeling Websites

10.9.2012 – Natural Products Insider

Consulting Firm Introduces FDA Label Review Service

10.9.2012 – Food Product Design

Need Label Review for Compliance?

9.24.2012 – Frederick News Post

Maryland Organics Saw They Have Nothing to Hide

9.12.2012 – Industria Alimenticia

Entre en Vigor Registro bianual de la FDA

9.1.2012 – Food Quality

International Supply Chain a Challenge to FSMA’s Effectiveness

7.6.2012 – Petfood Industry

FDA Inspection at Diamond Pet Foods Plant Helps Pet Owner Lawsuits

7.5.2012 – Food Safety News

FDA Inspection Likely to Further Implicate Diamond Pet Foods

6.11.2012 – New Hope 360

Steven Johnson Joins

5.25.2012 – Seafood Source

Ultimately, it’s Up To You

4.3.2012 – Yahoo

USA Losing its Foothold? Ben England Presents on FSMA and Imports at 2012 FDLI Conf.

4.20.2012 – Food Navigator

FDA Food Safety Fees will ‘User Fee the Inudstry to Death’

4.12.2012 – Yahoo Gets Company off Imort Alert #36-04, Honey and Syrup with Fluoroquinolones

4.10.2012 – Meat Trade News Daily

Dealing With Media Fearmongering

4.2.2012 – Food Navigator

Slimeageddon 2012: Who is Really to Blame for the Pink Slime Debacle?

3.28.2012 – Food Safety News

More Imported Food Isn’t More Dangerous, Attorney Says

3.27.2012 – Food Quality News

CDC Food Import Outbreak Concerns a “Non-Event”

3.26.2012 – Feedstuffs

Beef Trim Outrcy a “Slippery Slope”

3.26.2012 – The Meat Site

Americans Still Uninformed About “Pink Slime”

3.23.2012 – Food Quality News

Global Food Safety Forum Pact Will Look to Boost Asia Food Import Safety

3.23.2012 – AgriMarketing

FDA Consultant: Public Being Misled by General Media on Beef Products

3.22.2012 – Food & Food Equipment News

‘Pink Slime’ Outcry Based on Misinformation, FDA Expert Says

2.24.2012 – Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Chinese Food and Drug Officials Participate in U.S. Training Event

2.23.2012 – Food Manufacturing

Q&A: Behind the Orange Juice Scare

2.22.2012 – NPR

FDA Says Brazil’s Orange Juice is Safe, But Still Illegal

2.20.2012 – Beverage Daily

FDA Carbendazim Measures Reassessment Refusal Meets Industry Backlash

2.17.2012 – Food Manufacturing

Photo of the Day: All About Pesticide Residues

2.13.2012 – Food Production Daily

US OJ Carbendazim Measures May Violate International Trade Pacts

2.3.2012 – Yahoo News Gets Juice Company Off Import Alert for Carbendazim/MBC

2.3.2012 – Palm Beach Post Money

Orange Juice Prices Set to Rise as Imports Face Scrutiny

2.3.2012 – AgriMarketing

FDA Placing More Brazilian Orange Juice Companies on Import Alert

2.3.2012 – FruitNet

FDA Alert on Brazilian Orange Juice

2.3.2012 –

FDA Places More Orange Juice Companies on Import Alert

1.30.2012 – Just-Drinks

Carbendazim- A Pictorial Guide

1.30.2012 – Securities Technology Monitor

Creative Infographic Captures Recent OJ Scare in Plain English

1.30.2012 – The Hill

Overnight Health: All Romney All the Time

1.30.2012 – Yahoo News

Creative Infographic Captures Recent OJ Scare in Plain English

1.20.2012 – Food Safety News

The Food Safety Modernization Act- One Year Later

1.20.2012 – World Book and News

OJ Screening a Regulatory Issue, Not a Health One

1.18.2012 – Food Consumer

Consumers Might Drink More Fungicide Residues With FDA’s Crack Down on OJ

1.18.2012 – Yahoo News

Consumers Might Drink More Fungicide Residues After FDA’s Warnings About OJ

1.17.2012 – Grocery Headquarters

FDA Cracks Down on Carbendazim in OJ

1.17.2012 – Food Navigator

FDA: We’ll Publish FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Rules “Soon”

1.16.2012 – Beverage Daily

Orange juice Fungicide Row Highlights Flaws in US Pesticide Regime, Says Expert

1.16.2012 – Food Navigator USA

Orange Juice Fungicide Row Highlights Flaws in US Pesticide Regime

1.16.2012 – Food Ingredients First

Pepsi Finds Traces of the Fungicide Carbendazim in Orange Juice

1.13.2012 – Petfood Industry

No Surprise: FDA misses Important FSMA Deadlines

1.13.2012 – Yahoo News

FDA Cracks Down on Carbendazim in OJ, Ignores It In other Foods, According to Former…

1.13.2012 – Palm Beach Post

Fungicide Blocked in O.J., Found In Many Foods

1.13.2012 – Digital Journal

FDA Cracks Down on Carbendazim in OJ But Ignores It In Other Foods

1.11.2012 – Petfood Industry

FDA Misses Deadline for Key Food Safety Modernization Act Provisions

1.11.2012 – Yahoo News

FSMA Already Late for 2012 Deadlines…


12.22.2011 – Food Manufacturing

Putting Claus in Cuffs

12.19.2011 – Yahoo News

Santa Claus vs. The FDA? Consulting Firm Continues Satirical Holiday Campaign

12.19.2011 – Industria Alimenticia

Santa Claus en la Lista Negra 

12.12.2011 – Food Engineering

Is Santa Breaking All The Rules?

12.12.2011 – Just Food

Santa Claus- Public Enemy Number One

12.8.2011 – Yahoo News Brings on Two New Attorneys

12.8.2011 – New Orleans City Business

Holiday Business Promotion Takes Grinch Strategy

12.8.2011 – Food & Beverage Magazine

Santa Claus is the FDA’s Public enemy #1, says Former FDA Regulatory Counsel

12.7.2011 – Yahoo News

Santa Claus Would Be the FDA’s Public Enemy #1 if He Were Real…

12.7.2011 – Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Santa at the Top of FDA’s Naughty List

12.7.2011 – Food & Food Equipment News

Step Away From the Reindeer, Santa, You’re Under FDA Arrest!

12.7.2011 – Food Consumer

Santa Claus is the FDA’s Public Enemy #1

12.6.2011 – Eat Drink Better

Stay Young And Healthy With “Live Forever Juice”

11.21.2011 – Yahoo News

New Logos Reflect Personal And Direct Approach in FDA Consulting

11.15.2011 – Digital Journal

China Seafood Show 2011

11.15.2011 – Yahoo News

Training, Labeling and Partnerships at 2011 China Seafood Show

11.2.2011 – Food Manufacturing

Live Forever Juice: Photo of the Day

11.1.2011 – New Food

FDA Steps up Enforcement Against Foods with Illegal Colors

10.27.2011 – Asia Food Journal

Challenges Lie Ahead for Chinese Food Companies

10.25.2011 – Food Consumer

Building Partnerships in China

10.25.2011 – Yahoo News

American Firm Building Partnerships at Chinese Seafood & Fisheries Expo

10.20.2011 – Food Navigator Asia

Exporting to the US is Increasingly Difficult for China

10.18.2011 – Yahoo News

Chinese Food Exports Facing 3 Major Changes & Challenges

10.14.2011 – Natural Products Marketplace

FDA Shelving Food Import Re-Examination Fee

10.13.2011 – Petfood Industry

FDA Delays Implementing Food Import Re-Examination Fees

10.6.2011 – Inside Cosmeceuticals

FDA Continues to Detain Imported Cosmetics With Non-Permitted Color Additives

10.6.2011 – Cosmetics Design

Slack Formulation and Labeling of Color Additives Can Lead to Added Costs and Stress

10.4.2011 – OnFood

Juice Too Good To Be True

10.4.2011 – Museum of Hoaxes

Live Forever Juice

9.30.2011 – Food and Drink International

“Live Forever Juice” Highlights Labelling Issues

9.28.2011 – Natural Products Insider

Fake “Forever Juice” Highlights Labeling Regs

9.28.2011 – Money Show

Consulting Firm Launches Fake “Live Forever Juice” To Generate Awareness about FDA Labeling

9.28.2011 – Food Watchdog

“Live Forever Juice”… Hoax as Teaching Tool

9.28.2011 – Yahoo News

Consulting Firm Launches Fake “Live Forever Juice”

9.15.2011 – Food Manufacturing

Q/A with Benjamin England: Analyzing FDA’s New Import Fees

9.9.2011 – Food Engineering

FDA Takes The Heat on FSMA

9.6.2011 – SeafoodSource

SeafoodSource Top 5 Articles of August 2011

8.29.2011 – The Hill

Coalition Forming Against Food-Safety Fee

8.26.2011 – Whole Foods Magazine

New Import Fees From FDA May Drive Food Prices

8.21.2011 – GrowFish

FDA Inspection Fees May Induce Sticker Shock

8.16.2011 – Petfood Industry

Importer, Consumer Costs Expected to Increase With New FDA Fees

7.7.2011 – Reuters

Pushing Western Medicine With Fear In India

6.29.2011 – Yahoo News

U.S. Firm Offering Free FDA Regulatory Training Sessions in China

6.10.2011 – Food and Beverage Asia

What Importers and Exporters Should Learn From the German E. Coli Outbreak

6.10.2011 – Food and Beverage Today

Lessons to be Learnt From E. Coli Outbreak

6.9.2011 – AG Professional

Companies Can Expect More Government Oversight After Natural Disasters

6.6.2011 – Renewable Energy World

Benjamin England to Present at FDLI U.S. China Food and Drug Law Conference

6.6.2011 – UPI

Former FDA Regulatory Counsel Helps Japanese Exporters know What To Expect Post-Tsunami

6.6.2011 – Food Consumer

Benjamin England to Present at FDLI U.S. China Food and Drug Law Conference

6.2.2011 – Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Import and Export Lessons from Germany’s E. coli Outbreak

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