Industries that fall under FDA's purview create a complex network of manufacturers, distributors, consultants, brokers, associations, certifying bodies, labs, authors and researchers. Over the years has been able to connect with who we believe to be the best and brightest in the various compartments of FDA-regulated space. is proud to recommend the following partners based on their reliability, quality of service, reputation and business strength.




The compliance burden has shifted to the supply chain, and verification of supplier claims about their produce and food materials. To meet this need, the 3iVerify solution was conceived and we now help food businesses and importers minimize the cost of compliance whilst keeping their products and brands safe. 3iVerify delivers document control, supplier approvals, material approvals and corrective actions. The system is designed to meet GFSI and Legal compliance standards and is integrated and accessible by everyone in the food business. 3iVerify empowers you and your colleagues to improve quality, food safety and effectiveness by helping identify and manage areas for improvement and having the time to do it.

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AMAYACASSINO Business Advisors

AMAYACASSINO Business Advisors is an experienced consulting firm headquartered in Cali, Colombia, which advises clients on national and international legal, financial, tax, and accounting matters. The firm has years of experience working with companies in investment banking, business law, foreign investment, international commerce, copyright and industrial property law, privacy and information security, total quality management, and competition and consumer law. AMAYACASSINO Business Advisors has offices and allies around the world, including Panama, Peru, South Africa, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, and China.

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The Global Food Safety Forum (GFSF) is a not-for-profit organization with a diverse but interrelated industry membership: producers, processors, merchandisers/shippers/distributors and retailers. It is jointly managed by the GIC Group and its partner, Bric Global Agricultural Consultants, with offices in Washington, DC and Beijing. GFSF focuses its work on the global food chain, building a safety infrastructure from farm to fork. GFSF promotes an international concern in creating and validating multi-industry standards. They support robust certification procedures, offer training workshops to companies both at home and abroad, and advance quality controls.

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Read our interview with GFSF Chairman, Rick Gilmore

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GIRS is a global reimbursement services company based in Memphis, Tennessee. GIRS has more than 30 years of team experience in developing integrated reimbursement strategies for pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, medical devices, combination products, and medical supplies.  Services Include: • Reimbursement Assessments/Strategies • Payer Advocacy Services • Economic Models/Clinical Study Design Review • Coding Application • Medical Technology Hotlines • Appeals Assistance • Sales Force Education • Billing Guides • Professional Society and KOL Support Development

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M. Camps is a pharmaceutical and healthcare consultancy providing extensive legal and technical expertise for the health sector. Industries include Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Dental Hygiene, Pesticides and Biocides, Disinfectants, Foods, Orthopedics and Dental Prosthetics.

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