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Accession numbers are unique FDA identifiers for electronic product reports found in FDAs radiation emitting electronic product database. They are assigned by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) and provided to electronic product manufacturers and assemblers in response to electronic product report submissions. FDA uses the Accession Number to facilitate communication with the manufacturers about their specific electronic product reports and electronic product regulation compliance. They are also important numbers at the point of entry for foreign-made and imported electronic products. FDA requires importers to provide to FDA the Accession Numbers on FDA Form 2877. The required FDA Accession Number is the one assigned by FDA to the manufacturers who made the imported electronic products. FDA import entry reviewers, investigators and compliance officers use the FDA Accession Number to confirm that a foreign manufacturer or assembler has at least complied with the most basic of FDA regulations governing electronic products: the filing of the electronic product report for FDA review.

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