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Cosmetic color additive selection is one of the most important product features for cosmetic formulation. All cosmetic color ingredients must be FDA approved for their specific uses in cosmetics. FDA-approved cosmetic color additives must meet specific composition requirements and ingredient naming regulations.

FDA approves color additives for their specific intended uses. For example, when making eye shadows, eye liners, eyelash applications or similar cosmetics, you may only use color additives that specifically permit use around the eye.

Cosmetic colors additives are either (1) FDA approved colors for particular cosmetic uses, (2) FDA certified colors (on a color batch basis), or (3) expressly exempted from FDA color certification for cosmetic use. FDA'’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors evaluates cosmetic colors through its "“batch certification"” process, by which it evaluates the composition and manufacturer of all colors subject to certification.

Finally, FDA cosmetic regulations govern the precise FDA approved cosmetic color and ingredient names that may be used on cosmetic labels. Thus, for cosmetics marketed in the United States, Colour Index (CI) numbers alone do not suffice to designate colors.

Cosmetics that contain colors intended for unapproved uses, unapproved cosmetic colors, or cosmetic labels with improperly-declared cosmetic color names are subject to the full range of FDA enforcement actions, which invariably costs firms time and money. In fact, when importing cosmetic products into the United States, these types of color additive violations are some of the most common reasons for FDA import detentions and FDA refusals of admission for imported cosmetics., LLC helps all types of firms from the small domestic start-up company, to the overseas entrepreneur, to multinational corporations breaking into the U.S. market. We have solutions for helping your firm avoid regulatory difficulties related to cosmetic formulation, cosmetic ingredient and color selection, and FDA cosmetic labeling regulations. Let us show you "“The Way Through."”