Imports | Record Keeping

Customs regulations, the Bioterrorism Act (BTA) and FDA regulations issued under the BTA and FDA regulations governing certain specific products (such as seafood products, canned foods, medical devices, electronic products, and others) all impose certain important record keeping requirements on importers, owners and consignees of imported products. These records may apply to the importation, distribution, storage, further processing or transportation of the products. Failure to maintain the required records for the required periods of time established by federal regulations can result in administrative, civil and even criminal enforcement actions (although criminal cases are rare for such violations unless the person intended to defraud the government or third parties and failing to maintain the records was a part of the fraud)., LLC assists importers in developing and maintaining compliant record keeping systems that keep the information the government agencies require. Let us assist your company find The Way Through in developing and maintaining a compliant importer record keeping program.