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Foreign food manufacturers and foreign beverage manufacturers that are subject to FDA Food Facility Registration requirements must also appoint a U.S. Agent for FDA purposes. The FDA U.S. Agent acts as FDAs primary point of contact for the foreign food or beverage manufacturer as it relates to the foreign food facility. Please note this is not the same as an FSVP Agent, who has substantially different duties.

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U.S. Agent information is submitted electronically through FDAs electronic systems during the food facility registration process. Each foreign establishment may designate only one U.S. Agent. The foreign food facility may also designate its U.S. Agent as its official correspondent.

Responsibilities of a U.S. Agent

The U.S. Agent may be called upon to speak to the FDA for the foreign registered manufacturer, packer or storage facility. Therefore, it is critical that the U.S. Agent understands the FDA regulations that govern the imported food or imported beverage and the manufacturing process regulations that the foreign manufacturer must follow.

Many U.S. Agency services sell U.S. Agency and facility registration services, primarily, and resell annual services. Although they may also perform some rudimentary regulatory reviews, many lack substantive experience in FDA law, FDA regulations, and FDA enforcement actions. You are required to select a U.S. Agent to comply with U.S. law and FDA regulation., LLC believes you should select a U.S. Agent that is also capable of providing comprehensive regulatory compliance services that ensure your imported foods comply with all FDA requirements and are successfully imported, marketed, and distributed in the United States.

This is what sets, LLC apart from basic U.S. Agency services or registrars. Ordinarily,, LLC only performs U.S. Agent and food registration services for its existing foreign food and beverage manufacturing and exporting clients. That means that U.S. Agency and FDA food registration services are just some of the very basic services, LLC provides to its clients. The primary business value is in how, LLC finds The Way Through the substantive legal and regulatory food compliance issues for its clients, not just the simple ones., LLC makes the complex understandable, and the U.S. Market attainable and sustainable.

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At, LLC we make certain our importing clients understand the importation process and assist our clients in identifying appropriate actions and responses should Customs demand redelivery of a conditionally released product, or should that agency issue a demand for payment of liquidated damages pursuant to the importation bond. It is important for your company to know and follow the laws, regulations, and procedures when importing products into the United States. Get Started.