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FDA regulation requires food facility registration of all food manufacturers no matter where they are located if their food is distributed in the U.S. for human or animal consumption. This requirement applies to foreign food manufacturers and exporters of conventional foods, beverages, dietary supplements and food additives and ingredients. The food facility registration is required under the Bioterrorism Act (BTA). FDA will issue import refusals for an imported food or imported beverage manufactured by a foreign facility that is not registered under the BTA. Compliance with this required process is referred to as Registration of Food Facilities.

Although registration for each food facility used to be required only once, new Food Safety Modernization Act registration changes now require a biennial registration renewal for all food facilities. Additionally, all changes or modifications to the required information must be included by way of food registration updates submitted to FDA. The Food Facility Registration Number of every foreign manufacturer of imported food or imported beverages must be declared to FDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Customs) prior to the arrival of the imported food or beverage. This submission happens through the FDA Prior Notice filing., LLC has extensive experience and can help your firm obtain its food facility registration with FDA. Contact us today to get started.

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