Cosmetics | Product Ingredient Reviews

Imported cosmetics are often reviewed by FDA at the border or at ports of entry for cosmetic labeling and cosmetic ingredient compliance. It is important that your cosmetics are properly labeled and contain ingredients permitted by FDA. All finished cosmetics and all cosmetic ingredients must be safe for their intended uses. Aside from a few exceptions, cosmetic labels must declare all of the ingredients in the product’s formulation. FDA often reviews the imported cosmetic labels looking for any illegal cosmetic ingredients like unsafe color additives or active drug ingredients, or other ingredients only safe for use in “wash off” products but which are found in “leave on” cosmetics. FDA routinely evaluates imported cosmetic labels to determine whether the products contain ingredients prohibited by federal regulations. Of course, FDA also samples and tests imported cosmetics looking for unsafe or illegal cosmetic ingredients., LLC conducts cosmetic label and ingredient reviews for foreign and domestic clients to ensure the products comply with FDA requirements. If you want to find The Way Through for your cosmetic products, call, LLC today.