Cosmetics | Labeling Requirements

Cosmetic labels must properly include all the elements required by FDA cosmetic regulations. This is particularly true for importing cosmetics, because the easiest violation for an FDA inspector to find is on the cosmetic label. Cosmetic importers and manufacturers must also be aware of individual U.S. state cosmetic labeling regulations.

All cosmetic packaging must include certain specific panels containing mandatory declarations, such as the cosmetic ingredients contained in the product. Cosmetic marketing claims and information may also be present on cosmetic labeling, but the all claims must be truthful, not misleading, and must not be improper drug claims. Cosmetic labeling may also contain information in languages other than English, so long as all of the mandatory label declarations are stated in English and any other languages also appearing on the label. This is called "dual language labeling" or "multiple language labeling.", LLC can review your cosmetic labels to help you maximize your firm's cosmetic marketing efforts while not running afoul of FDA cosmetic labeling regulations.