FDA Fees and Costs on Food Imports: An Unjust Burden?


In light of FDA’s new fee structure for re-inspecting imported food and petitioning the Agency for removal from import alert (affecting foreign food manufacturers) the FDAImports.com team has created a Coalition Task Force to fight FDA’s imported food tax.  ThisCoalition Task force performs tasks related to FDA’s fees, including:

  • Gather general and specific concerns of its members
  • Write and submit official comments to FDA about the fees
  • Assemble a critical mass of interested parties to speak as one voice
  • Prepare for potential legal action against FDA should no changes occur to FDA’s fees

There are 3 levels of engagement with the FDAImports.com Coalition Task Force: Standard, Premium and Private membership.

  • Coalition Standard Member: When signing on to become a Standard Member of the coalition, you will become part of a single movement and voice. You will benefit from the unity of the Coalition Comment submitted as one group. $1,000.
  • Coalition Premium Member: Premium Members are offered a more personalized comment submission. Within the Coalition Comment, Premium Members are given the opportunity to voice their personal concerns in response to FDA’s proposed fees. Part of the Coalition Comment will be dedicated to individualizing Premium Member concerns. $1,750.
  • Coalition Priviate Member: Private Members of the coalition enjoy the benefits of being part of the unified Coalition Comment submission. In addition, Private Members are offered individualized comment submissions. FDAImports.com, LLC will work with Private Members on an individual level to submit separate comments to FDA. Individual comments will be submitted by FDAImports.com, LLC directly on behalf of the Private Member (individual or company). $3,000.


Simply email us your contact information along with your desired level of membership for you or your organization.





We are working with journalists and writers to spread the word about what's happening. To talk with Benjamin England or for additional materials for your article, webinar or publication please contact us via phone or email:

coalition@fdaimports.com 410.220.2800




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