Sydney, Australia

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Although geographically distant, Australia is a major player in the import and export market with the United States. The USA is Australia's largest trade and investment partner, shipping millions of dollars worth of products to the USA each year including FDA-regulated commodities such as beef, beverages, alcohol and other foods. The Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) was a key moment in U.S./Australian trade and, since it's implementation in 2005, has boosted the influx of Australian products coming to market in the United States. The Sydney office of, LLC is at this trade intersection and available to assist Australian manufacturers and distributors every step of the way as they ship their products to the USA.

USA Flag Australia / Sydney, LLC
Level 20, Tower A, The Zenith Centre
821 Pacific Highway
NSW 2067

Phone: (2) 8448-8128

Benjamin England, Founder and CEO

Practice Areas
All FDA industries and services

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