Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City Office

Mexico is a key trade partner with the United States and is responsible for shipping a substantial amount of food and other product across the border each year. With over 40 border crossings spanning a length of almost 2000 miles, the US/Mexico border is the most frequently crossed international border in the world, with much of that activity due to trade. The office of, LLC in Mexico City is ready to assist Mexican and other Central and South American companies with all aspects of importing, from research and new product development to labeling and facilities. We also work closely with our key partners in the Americas, serving as a much-needed resource for import and regulatory issues.

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Mariano Escobedo 510
Pisos 12 y PH
Mexico City 11590

Phone: 55-5955-3215

Benjamin England, Founder and CEO

Practice Areas
All FDA industries and services

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