Legal Representation, LLC is a regulatory consulting firm connected to the law practice of Benjamin L. England & Associates, LLC. Although regulatory consultants can, and often do, represent companies before government agencies, it is not always wise to communicate highly confidential information to a consultant or consulting practice. Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements are valuable tools to protect important proprietary and confidential information. However, the attorney-client relationship is the most sacrosanct secular relationship known to the law. When you have a serious problem or concern, the best choice to is to talk to and hire an attorney rather than a consultant. Consultants still have a role; however, the attorney-client relationship can only be preserved if the law firm hires the consultant within the scope of their legal representation of a client rather than the client hiring the consulting practice directly.

If you have a legal problem that requires consultation with an attorney, please feel free to pick up the phone and contact Benjamin L. England or one of his associate attorneys directly.