Staff, LLC is a regulatory consulting practice. Our staff possesses extensive experience using the electronic databases and document submission systems used by FDA, United States Department of Agriculture, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and systems used by other federal and state agencies. Their experience simplifies the complex submission process for our clients.

From here you can find some of the staff of, LLC and identify their wide range of experiences.


Administration & Marketing

Thomas Knott

Senior Regulatory Advisor

Tom Kerr

General Manager

Bill Nychis

Senior Regulatory Advisor

Anne Lehan

Marketing Director

Shelly Li

Business Manager

Kristin Wolf

Office Manager

Anna E. Simonton

Client Services Supervisor

Amanda Klipp

Client Services Associate

Jennifer Trotter


Sandra England

Administrative Associate

Timothy M. Feeney

Regulatory Specialist

Nichole Jackson

Accounts Receivable

Mavis Wryter

Legal Administrative Assistant

Karen Hayden

Assistant Client Services Associate

Shanmugam Jayakumar

India Country Director

Dan Halley

Client Services Associate

Timothy Yuen

Vietnam Country Director

Nancy Lyon

Administrative Associate

Cheryl Whiting